Carmichael’s Journey

Children and parents can now learn about the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos


Carmichael’s Journey written by Shelly Fussell and illustrated by Samantha Metcalfe tells the story of Carmichael, a young Carnaby’s black cockatoo who joined his parents back to the Swan Coastal Plain to spend Summer before flying back to their breeding ground. The story depicts the hardship that all Carnaby’s black cockatoos face in the wild. Will they all make it safely back to the breeding ground and what happens if their home has been destroyed?

All in all, the book is great for children aged 3 to 6 years old. However, if you are an adult like me, it is a great resource to share in order to spread the word about our Carnaby’s black cockatoos. Carnaby’s, and their cousins, the Baudin’s black cockatoos are endangered species. To ensure their survival, it is important to stop habitat loss, minimise vehicle strikes and stop illegal shooting and poaching. This can only be achieved by raising awareness and taking action against greedy developers and report any illegal shooting or poaching. If you have a garden, please consider installing a bird bath and planting native plants. A guide can be found on the Birdlife website.

The book costs $16.95 and can be purchased directly by contacting the author on Facebook or it can be purchased on the publisher’s website.


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