New Dingo Pups coming to Kaarakin

Kaarakin also shares its facilities with Australian Threatened Species Centre which works hard to protect and conserve our native species including dingoes.

Did you know that, as a result of an increase of interaction between dingoes and dogs, we are loosing our “pure bred” dingoes? The gene pool of the dingo is therefore continually diluting until we get to a point where there will be no more dingoes. As a consequence, it is essential to protect our last remaining dingoes.

4 new pups were born this year! However, we need more space at Kaarakin and to achieve the building of a new enclosure, we need your help! We have created a Chuffed campaign where amazing perks can also be claimed such as the right to name a pup or a close encounter with some of the dingoes! Click here to access the donation page.

Last Sunday, I had the amazing opportunity to meet the new pups and to photograph them for the creation of our Christmas cards! Don’t they look cute?

Dingo pup

Dingo pups playing

Dingo pup

Dingo pups

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